As a child my mother said “more can be bought” if the last candy bar went missing or my sister decorated my Barbie doll with an ink pen or I outgrew my favorite shoes. This didn’t mean we ran to the store and replaced everything damaged or eaten or unwearable, but the possibility existed and there was comfort in it.

Much of my married life, however, has been marked by an abundance of love and an absence of money, the later of which, if allowed, can foster a stinginess of spirit.

Not believing that more can be bought lead me to hoard things—perfume, make-up, candles, whatever—until often the items, unused, went to waste. Most things don’t have a shelf life of forever.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve also failed to support causes I believe in and help people in needbecause I feared there wouldn’t be enough left for me. But the thing is, giving involves your heart more than your pocketbook.

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