Saturday morning when I went outside to empty the steam cleaner, I noticed the bees that covered our Rose of Sharon. Although I intended to get my camera, I started cleaning again and forgot. The next time I emptied the steam cleaner (yes, it was one of those days) I saw them again and returned with my macro lens (<— that’s an affiliate link).

{Normally I’d freak standing so close to a bee, but somehow I feel safer behind a lens.}

I’ve enjoyed this lens as much as expected, but I’m still learning how to use it. Sometimes I set a tiny depth of field and almost nothing is in focus. It’s hard to lock in a small moving object (like a bee), so now I overshoot.

I’d rather take ten pictures and keep two than only shoot two and neither of them work. 

See the pollen and how he rubs his face like a sleepy child!

(Click the pic to view a larger size on Flickr.)

Japanese Beetles


I don’t find Japanese Beetles nearly so charming—especially when they’re destroying my flowers—but they sure are fascinating up close and personal. Look at the color and detail!

They invited their friends, the ants, to attack my bush, too.

What are you photographing this summer?

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