June's desktop calendar

I‘ve wasted a lot of time waiting on somedays: Someday I’ll make a workable cleaning schedule and then we’ll have company more often. Someday I’ll become a morning person and have quiet devotionals and get things accomplished before everyone else gets out of bed. Someday I’ll take a class on graphic design and create the things floating around in my head. Someday we’ll have more money and . . .

The list goes on.

Do you wait for somedays? What do yours look like?

Someday we’ll have a house that’s big enough for entertaining.

Someday I’ll have children and be a stay at home mom.

Someday the kids will be older and I won’t be so tired.

Someday the kids will be grown and I’ll do all those things I’ve waited to do.

Someday I’ll have a bigger blog and more opportunities will come from it.

Someday I’ll write a book and then I’ll consider myself a real writer.

Do you see yourself in any of these somedays?

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