“God sent me a mechanic angel,” my son proclaims over the phone, telling the story of the first hours of his trip to Mississippi. His older brother’s car overheated on the way out of town, and after multiple stops to add coolant, he called my husband for advice.

After a quick google search (thank you internet), Bryan directed him to the closest auto parts store, but the employees couldn’t find the problem. Rapidly leaking coolant—but from where?

“Here’s a mechanic!” they said, as a man pulled into the parking lot. In 15 seconds’ time he found the problem, a not-so-easily-discernable crack that stretched nearly from one end of the radiator to the other.

A new radiator for $80 from a neighboring shop (cheaper than the auto parts store) and $40 in labor (the exact amount of cash in the glove compartment) to the man in the truck, and Christian was on the road again in an hour. The mechanic fixed the car right there in the parking lot, while the friend who rode with him told their story.

“I can’t fix cars. He does. Most days we stop two or three times and help people.”

The mechanic doesn’t run a shop of his own. He learned how to fix things in the Army and carries tools and parts in the back of his truck.

My son finished his trip uneventfully. Tonight I’m thankful for angels with hidden wings.

Did you have a time when an earthly angel gave you help when you needed it?

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