Ephesians 2:8-9

The edits for this week’s Sunday Scripture aren’t complicated, but they warm up the image (we can’t increase the temperature, but we can simulate spring in our photos, right?) and make it easier to add text.

I usually keep the rule of thirds in mind when I shoot; however, all I can think about with my new macro lens is getting closer. {Composition – what’s that?} I liked the blooms and the visual interest of the branch in the original photo, but the background looks gray and cold and wintery, as opposed to warm and golden cherry blossom weather.



The Edits

  1. Increase contrast.
  2. Crop using the rule of thirds, creating a space for text.
  3. Apply the Sunkissed RAW preset for Lightroom from Pretty Presets (download it for free at Lightroom Killer Tips), which slides the Temperature and Tint sliders slightly to the right in Lightroom.
  4. Add a light vignette (darken the edges).
  5. Add text (I exported to Photoshop, pulling the text color from within the photo, and used a font with an oriental feel, in honor of the cherry blossoms).

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