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After writing about date nights last week, I started thinking about those of you who don’t have easy access to (or funds for) babysitting, and decided to compile a list of great movies for date nights at home. I’ve included links to Amazon (to buy), Amazon Instant Video (24- or 48-hour rentals), and Netflix (to rent or stream). We stream over our home wifi network to a computer or a TV using our Roku; the selection of available titles changes with time.

Either site will give helpful user reviews. (Netflix members: did you know that the number of red stars indicates how well Netflix thinks you’ll like a movie based on other movies you’ve rated? Yellow stars indicate your own personal ratings.)

Here’s how the links are organized (some titles not available on Amazon Instant Video):
Amazon (DVD) | Amazon Instant Video (streamable rentals) | Netflix (DVDs by mail or streamable)

Romantic comedies

Kate & LeopoldRomantic comedies are perfect date night fare. Snuggle up and enjoy a laugh and a good love story. We’ve watched these favorites over and over:

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Good Stuff You May have Missed

the artistThese recent favorites include a true-story political thriller, a modern silent film, and a slick Bond thriller with a retro feel.

And They Danced: Movies with Killer Dance Scenes and Soundtracks

I’m a sucker for a good dance scene and these movies contain two of my favorites. George Strait and Harry Connick, Jr. may not win any Academy Awards, but they’re perfect for these rolls and the soundtracks are awesome.

“Dancing is just a conversation between two people. Talk to me.”

[I think someone recorded this video in a movie theater! Drive in?]

Oldies but Goodies

north by northwestSome movies never go out of style.

The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen

legend of 1900These personal favorites are relatively obscure. (I always wonder if my favorite movie, song, or book already exists but has yet to be discovered by me. Do you?)

  • Legend of 1900 | Netflix – The Legend of 1900—an infant abandoned on an ocean liner is raised by the crew and becomes a piano virtuoso, never setting foot on land
  • Dear Frankie | Amazon Instant Video | Netflix – In 2004, before Gerard Butler started taking flashy, sub-par movies, he made this warm, beautifully romantic film. It contains one of the best screen kisses ever and another great dance scene.
  • Lady in the Water | Amazon Instant Video (48-hour rental) | Netflix – Director M. Night Shyamalan creates a story full of interesting and engaging characters, beautifully acted. A must see!
  • The Count of Monte Cristo | Amazon Instant Video | Netflix – I gave this one 5 stars on my Netflix rating
  • Frequency | Netflix – action, mystery, drama, and father/son relationships all tied into one suspenseful movie about a fireman who communicates with his father in another time period through a HAM radio as they attempt to solve a mystery and change past and future events

Stream a Series on Netflix

Friday Night Lights

  • Friday Night Lights – 5 seasons of one of the greatest marriages I’ve seen on TV
  • White Collar – 3 seasons of slick and enjoyable white collar crime drama
  • Alias – 5 seasons and still as fun as it was in ’01
  • 24 – 8 seasons of action, adventure and Jack Bauer!
  • My Name is Earl – 4 seasons of petty criminal, Earl, trying to right all the wrongs he’s done after winning the lottery; cooky lovable cast; episodes are only 20 minutes long
  • Downton Abbey – stream season 1 and find out why this is the show everyone’s talking about
  • Sherlock – 2 seasons (6 long episodes) and a modern-day take on one of my favorite characters and his sidekick: Watson writes a blog and Sherlock carries a smart phone

To Entertain the Kids

the muppetsHere are a couple of good movies to entertain the kids during your date night at home.

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