Barbie Photo Fashion Doll
Hey there! It’s me again—the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. These kids that I live with now: they’re crazy! This week they’ve dressed up in costumes and eaten an outrageous amount of candy.

I’m a real working camera! You can see your photos directly on my t-shirt or connect me to your computer with my *pink* USB cable and use my photo editing software to create more t-shirt designs directly on your computer, like the ones in this collage.

Barbie Photo Fashion Studio

Today we went outside for a costume photo shoot. These girls love to take pictures and have their picture taken!






We made some wonderful memories. I’ll bet your little girl would be just as tickled to own me as these—I’d make a great Christmas present!

This is a sponsored post from One2One Network. Mattel product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.

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