Camera Phone Friday #64

1. New electric guitar, 2. Good times @Moes_HQ, 3. Children’s Place Diva, 4. Playground fun!

Camera Phone Friday #64 (collage 2)

1. FSU Flying High Circus about to begin! #CallawaySFA, 2. FSU Flying High Circus, 3. Shuffle board!

Camera Phone Friday #64 (collage 3)

1. My littles took a walk & brought me a bouquet of hydrangeas. Gorgeous! #CallawaySFA #dontpicktheflowers, 2. Jumping for joy over the creek!, 3. Southern sweet tea. Yes, please., 4. Clam diggin’

This week’s Camera Phone Friday comes to you on Sunday evening, live from Pine Mountain, GA, where my family is participating in Summer Family Adventure, a one-week summer camp for kids ages 3-17 at Callaway Gardens. When I received the invitation to bring my family here for a week as guests of the resort, I didn’t even finish reading the email before calling my husband at work and shouting the news to the kids. My household has buzzed ever since.

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We arrived late Saturday afternoon and have watched a circus performance; driven through some of the 13,000 acre resort; and eaten a delicious Hawaiian-themed buffet at the Welcome Luau. My 15-year-old daughter attended a Teen Icebreaker (brilliant!) this evening before camp starts in the morning. She’s used to being with her 17-year-old brother—who’s working, but will hopefully joining us by the end of the week— and was nervous about not knowing anyone. Now she’s met other teens and calmed her jitters.

The impressive kids’ schedule includes activities such as sandcastle building competitions; golf; t-shirt tie-dying; archery (my kids are so excited!); water skiing; tennis; beach volleyball; capture the flag; swimming; and laser tag, but the most unusual classes are offered under the big top—literally, a circus tent next to the beach. Florida State University boasts one of two collegiate circuses in the U.S. and students from that program serve as camp counselors and instructors here at Summer Family Adventure, or SFA.

Our schedule includes classes in flying trapeze and circus skills. I say our schedule because activities are offered for adults, too. Adults choices include morning walks; meet & greet coffee; tennis and golf clinics; gardening classes; Wine 101 (yep, I’ll be there); Zumba fitness classes; tie-dying t-shirts; water sports; flower arranging; jewelry and pottery making classes; a 5K Fun Run; and of course, the circus classes.

I never thought I’d say these words, but I’m taking a 2-hour Circus Skills class tomorrow afternoon and a 1-hour Flying Trapeze class on Tuesday. I imagined walking the grounds with my camera or curled up with a book while the kids attend camp from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday-Friday, but I’ve planned a schedule for myself, too.

I can’t imagine anywhere else that you’ll find all this in a summer camp.


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What classes would you take? Golf? Tennis? Wine tasting? Zumba? Jewelry making? Sailing through the air on a flying trapeze?

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