Camera Phone Friday #65

1. 20 minutes ago I was up there!, 2. Sweet tea in a Mason jar: why I love the South, 3. Found a turtle friend on our bike ride @CallawayGardens #callawaysfa, 4. Topiary lion, 5. Old school Bingo: I was the first winner!, 6. Watching the demo before “penny drop” on the trapeze

Camera Phone Friday #65 (collage 2)

1. What’s wrong with this picture?, 2. Silly sisters, 3. I heart miniature golf, 4. Treetop adventures @CallawayGardens, 5. Tie Dye King, 6. These guys stoked for the Treetop Adventure @CallawayGardens

We head home in the morning from a week at Callaway Gardens’ Summer Family Adventure and as much as I like sleeping in my own bed, I’ll be equally as sad as my kids to see this trip end. My grand plans of sipping sweet tea in the shade with a good book turned into swinging through the trees, circus skills class, and bike rides in the woods.

Parenting more than one child requires watchfulness: some kids demand more attention than others and it’s important not to let quiet ones fall through the cracks. Somewhere along the way, though, I’m the one who slipped through. Growing and nurturing eight children necessitated years of sitting on the sidelines and although our youngest is almost seven, I sometimes forget that it’s okay now for me to get out there and have fun, too.

Can you relate?

I’ve not only played but played hard this week, with the bruises and sore muscles to prove it. Now I want to buy a bike to ride with my family at home, too.

Later I’ll share more details, photos, videos, and opinions from my kids, but right now, moms and dads, I encourage you to consider it for yourselves, because the adults at Callaway Gardens’ Summer Family Adventure enjoy themselves just as much as the kids. Click the link to save 10% on your own Summer Family Adventure!).

Do you have vacation plans this summer? Has your family ever attended a summer camp?


Camera Phone Friday

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{Disclosure: My family and I are guests of Callaway Gardens for the kickoff week of their Summer Family Adventure program. Opinions expressed are my own.}

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