the mother lettersIs it just me, or do birthdays and holidays have a way sneaking up on you? I tried to be ready this year and got our Mother’s Day gifts ready early. Unfortunately, because of work and sleep schedules it took two days to get everyone in the house to sign the cards, and then I forgot to tell my husband (a.k.a. my own personal postman) that they were ready to mail. And then he forgot they were in his car until Friday . . .

Even with good intentions, things go wrong.

Well, I’ve got good news for you if you’re still searching for a thoughtful gift. Perfect for any day and any mom, the Mother Letters ebook features a collection of letters written to mothers by mothers. It’s filled to the brim with encouragement, one of the greatest gifts you can give a mom.

1st time mowing and thrilled about it!I downloaded Mother Letters to my iPad and what I’ve read so far has blessed my socks off. The letter from Ann alone was worth it, gently encouraging a change in my attitude about the work I do in my home.

{One of my photos was chosen as a winner in the Mother Letters camera phone photo contest and is featured in the book! That’s it on the right.}

Guess what? Right now you can buy one copy of the ebook PDF and get a second free to give to someone else when you enter code Buy1Give1 at checkout. That way you’re guaranteed to get something you’ll like for Mother’s Day!

Mother Letters sale

If you’re looking for more in-the-trenches-of-motherhood encouragement, check out Lisa-Jo’s new ebook, The Cheerleader for Tired Moms!

[I’m a Mother Letters affiliate and will receive commission on sales generated from my links.]

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