Camera Phone Friday #60

1. A big door prize winner! #inrl, 2. More goodies!! #inrl, 3. Had a wonderful time today at our #inrl meetup with @oohamanda @womanonajourney @momsmustardseeds, 4. Cruising down the road (see my hand?)

It’s testimony to just how busy we’ve been that I haven’t posted since last week’s Camera Phone Friday. Three of the photos above are from the (in)RL  that I hosted in our home last Saturday. Were you part of this wonderful event? If not and if the idea of going to an unfamiliar place and meeting up with a bunch of strangers gives you hives, please read this lovely post from my dear friend, Deidra.

The two ladies holding those big canvases won them as door prizes because they arrived at my doorstep in spite of the fact that they didn’t know anyone here. That’s really walking (in)courage, huh? (Bad pun, I know.)

Speaking of (in)RL, did you see the video of Sara’s Story? Sara was a fellow (in)courage author who passed away in September (I wrote about a conversation we had concerning the beauty in the mundane here). You might want to grab a Kleenex before you hit play, but seriously, even if you didn’t know Sara you’ll be blessed by this story of her example and the impact it made on others. I was already crying before we started filming my portion.

Our week has been packed with wrap-up activities including the last day of classes for our Classical Conversations community and our spring choir concert. A bunch of our CC crowd is camping at the lake this weekend. We don’t have camping equipment (in spite of our name) and a baseball game tomorrow, so we’re just going to pop in and out and hang out with the gang.

And of course, we’ll be at Moe’s Saturday for Cinco de Moe’s—$3 burritos! 

Speaking of Moe’s, did I tell y’all that I’ve been invited to be a Moe’s advisory board blogger? Unfortunately, the big kick-off for the program was here in Atlanta (Moe’s is based here) on the weekend when I went to Photoshop World in March. So I missed it.

Well, yesterday I got an invitation to lunch next month with Moe’s President and their Executive Chef. I’m nervously analyzing what Moe’s items I eat in the neatest way, cause I can make a serious mess. My mother joked about how fun it would be to hold a fancy dinner party and serve tacos, because you just can’t eat them neatly. Hopefully I won’t drop a blob of sour cream in my lap. That would be nice.

May’s Desktop Calendar, Take 4

May 2012 Desktop Calendar

Although I’ve managed to submit one version without the full verse, one labeled as April instead of May, and one where the zip file apparently was empty, you can now download an accurate desktop calendar at (in)courage. This month’s verse really speaks to me. Just look for the link that says Calendar (May) under the blog header at the top of page. Fourth time’s a charm!

I’ve missed you guys and the blog this week! What did your camera phone capture?

Camera Phone Friday

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