Camera Phone Friday #63

1. Whale face paint, 2. Somewhere over the rainbow . . ., 3. Back painting, 4. Ant picnic

Camera Phone Friday #63 (collage 2)

1. Look at what I’m growing, 2. Queso! with @Moes_HQ, 3. Hanging out eating after a photo shoot for Moe’s catering. Thanks @Moes_HQ

Wow! What an exciting week. A big virtual thank you hug to everyone who voted for me in the virtual BBQ (why is there a Q in BBQ, but not in barbecue?) recipe contest. When the timer stopped ticking I lost by a tiny margin, but I’ve chosen to look at what I gained: new readers (hello, you lovely new faces!); the knowledge that I am actually capable of creating an original recipe; and the chance to teach a valuable lesson about honesty to my kiddos (I’ll write a separate post about that).

Speaking of creating an original recipe, Moe’s just launched a Raise the Salsa Bar contest. Create the best original salsa recipe and you’ll win $1000 and your salsa will be featured in Moe’s salsa bars nationwide!

Moe's Salsa Contest

Speaking of Moe’s, some of our family went downtown Wednesday afternoon for a photo shoot for Moe’s catering. I took the last two photos in the bottom collage at the studio when we’d finished shooting and started eating. It’s crazy to think that some day we might appear Moe’s catering brochures. Holy guacamole, Batman!

I took the top collage of photos at our homeschool group’s year-end picnic. If you’re looking for tips for your own picnic for Memorial Day weekend or any other time this summer, check out Tips for an Old-Fashioned Picnic.

What did you do this week and what did your camera phone capture? Link it below!

Camera Phone Friday

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