Camera Phone Friday #62

1. My big little girls, 2. My girls,
3. All 10 kids plus grandparents. Happy Mother’s Day!, 4. Sleeping ukulele player,
5. Family outing, 6. Hello summer toes!

I‘ve certainly enjoyed the slower pace this week with no more outside classes for the school year! The weather here in Atlanta cooled down enough to turn off the AC and open the windows again this week. I love saving the money, and also the breezes and sounds from the outdoors.

My oldest daughter and I started a book club this week with other mothers and daughters using the book Every Young Woman’s Battle: Guarding Your Mind, Heart, and Body in a Sex-Saturated World. Although it’s obviously a sensitive topic, we had an open and productive group discussion at our first meeting. It’s important to keep lines of communication open with your teens, and I think this study will also build a support system for the girls from among the other participants.

I’m on the committee for our homeschool group’s year-end picnic this weekend, so we’ll be making lots of red, white, and blue paper chains between now and then for decorations. Our theme is an old-fashioned picnic and I’ll be taking family photos when people arrive. I thought about vintage-style photo processing and and framing, like the following examples. Which do you prefer?






Realistically, I may only be able to use one with a landscape (horizontal) orientation, unless I have a smaller family and can use the square. Then again, I may be creating a whole lot of extra work . . . but, maybe I could create a Photoshop action that would automate most of the process. (Just ignore me. I’m thinking.)

What are your plans for the weekend, and what did your camera phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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