Easter Egg Hunt

One year when I was a child we went to an Easter egg hunt in a shopping mall parking lot. It was divided into younger and older kids, and I’d just had a birthday in March, which bumped me up to the older kids’ group. Although I’m not certain, my guess is that I was around six years old, the same as my youngest daughter.

I remember being the smallest one. The bigger kids raced around filling their baskets with colored plastic eggs, but I only managed to grab three, maybe four. Afterwards, we were instructed to open our eggs. Most contained candy, but one held a ticket for the grand prize, and I held that egg.

It wasn’t a big bag of candy or a picture with the Easter Bunny—it was a new bike! To this day, it still amazes me when I think about it.

I’m sure God understood what a powerful life lesson it would be, although I didn’t at the time. Smallest, least of all, but I was blessed to win the prize.

Do you have a similar story, when against the odds you or someone you know was surprisingly blessed? I’d love to hear it!

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