Camera Phone Friday Week #55

1. Cutest house shoes ever (dearfoams @ BJ’s), 2. Love my little bobbies from @allorahandmade, 3. Create, 4. Tiles, 5. The scent of carnations still reminds me of high school, 6. Cherry blossoms in DC

This week’s Camera Phone Friday is coming to you live from Photoshop World in Washington, DC. Photoshop World is a semiannual Photoshop lovefest organized by NAPP, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I’ve been an Evangelist for NAPP for my demographic—mom bloggers, homeschoolers, designers, SAHMs, and digiscrappers—for nearly three years.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you might fit into one of more of those categories. You can always learn more about NAPP and my current referral special by clicking the ad at top of my blog or the NAPP link in the row at the top of the page. See it up there? It starts with Home.

Currently, joining with promo code DAWN gets you a $10 discount and Corey Barker’s Down and Dirty Tricks for Designers for FREE. I’m going to Corey’s Down and Dirty Tricks for Designers class this weekend!

@shotlivephoto teaching Real World Concert Photography #PSW12Classes start tomorrow, but pre-conference workshops were today. I attended Real World Concert Photography taught by Alan Hess and Scott Diussa. The class lasts for four hours, with a break in the middle to shoot a real concert. Before Scott Kelby became a world-renowned author, photographer, and instructor, he was a singer and musician. Still is.

Scott’s wife, Kalebra, is also in his band, Big Electric Cat. I submitted a picture of the two of them together on stage as my entry in the photo contest that’s open to workshop attendees. There were forty of us, each of whom was allowed to submit one photograph by 10:30 p.m. tonight.

It’s been an exhausting couple of days, so I actually went back my room and collapsed, even missing the big TweetUp tonight (the conference hashtags are #PSW12 and #PSW). However, I did get my photo in on time.

I hope the other thirty-nine attendees went out on the town for a fabulous evening instead of heading back to their room and editing photos, because the winner gets a new Nikon D7000 and a lens (forgot which one). Who needs to go sit in your room and edit when you can be out mixing, mingling, and tweeting? I just want them to be happy. Really I do.

What did your camera phone capture this week? Link it here!

Camera Phone Friday

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Special thanks to Red River Paper, who’s helped sponsor all four of my trips to Photoshop World!

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