Today I’m taking the torch from Jessica in the (in)RL blog hop and telling you a little bit about what real life means to me.

Real life is girlfriends of like, precious faith who dream big with me, but are willing to grapple with the small stuff.

Real life is taking the time to relax and connect and breathe with friends I see often as we spin along in the frantic daily dance.

Real life is getting to meet local readers of (in)courage and my blog, finding out who you are and what makes you tick.

(Can you find me twice in this video? Where’s Waldo?!)

What is (in)RL?

(in)RL is a 2-day global event on April 27-28 kicking off with a webcast on Friday to watch in your own home and then meetups in homes, coffee shops, churches—wherever!—on Saturday. There are more webcasts available on Saturday. Your group might watch one or more, or just do your own thing. Connect. Make new friendships. Have fun!

To search locations and find out how you can be a part of (in)RL and build local community, click here. Register here, and remember—if there isn’t currently a meetup in your area, host your own!

Are you registered for an (in)RL meetup? What does real life mean to you?

Join Nester for tomorrow’s post!

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