Camera Phone Collage week #51

1. Valentine’s Math, 2. Where have you been all my life?, 3. David Oakleaf & the Open Road

You may have noticed that I was a lazy Instagrammer this week. Yes, I admit it. My iPhone has been the center a lot of attention this week (my attention, that is). The battery life has dropped dramatically over the last few months and I thought maybe it needed replaced, but a friend who works at the Apple Store said it’s usually software corruption and not battery issues. So . . . I made an appointment at the Genius Bar and we wiped my little phone clean (minus the contacts, which were reinstalled).

I was slightly traumatized but really excited about the possibility of my phone working as intended. It turns out the battery is fine and I haven’t maxed out a 32GB phone after all: the software corruption made it look full.

Unfortunately, when I synced the phone back up at home the problem started again, even through I only reinstalled about a third of my usual apps. Wednesday night I did a full restore from my home computer, even fewer apps reinstalled, same problem. Now I’m slowly deleting more apps trying to find the culprit. I wish I’d made a connection between an app newly added at the time the battery life decreased, but I just thought I’d caused the battery problem.

My phone feels a little nekkid now, but I’m hopeful I’ll find the culprit. And photos? I think there are currently 2 photos in my phone’s library (the last 2 in that collage). {sniff, sniff}

Speaking of the collage, that Land O Lakes Cinnamon Sugar butter spread is some heavenly stuff. I’ve eaten it on an English muffin with a cup of tea every morning since I discovered it at BJ’s.

That photo on the end is from a concert last night by David Oakleaf and the Open Road. David is my cousin’s boyfriend and a real sweetheart (talented, too). He’s got a new CD coming out in March!

Let the Bliss Begin!

I'm a Blissdom Community Leader!BlissDom is a yearly highlight in my blogging world and this year marks my 4th BlissDom conference—I wouldn’t miss it! I’ll be a Community Leader for Photography. I wrote a pretty comprehensive post on my BlissDom experience last year, including videos of the FLASH MOB! (a year later and it still requires all caps)

Every year I do a BlissDom attendee-only giveaway and this year will be no exception. Watch for it!

I’m also giving a major shout out to Chevy who is SPONSORING ME A CAMARO CONVERTIBLE to drive!!!!! Obviously, that requires all caps, too. My kids keep asking me what color. I have no idea, I just know I’ll be jumping up and down and screaming thank you when it arrives.

I have no idea what I’m going to wear. When I finish this post I’ll do day 22 of the Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred (affiliate link!), so I’m definitely getting in shape. Weight loss? Not so much.

So that’s me at BlissDom this year: the girl with new muscles driving a muscle car. Mwah!

What did your camera phone capture this week? Link up a post or an individual photo on flickr or another site in the photo linky below!

Camera Phone Friday

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