Camera Phone Collage week #49

1. Proud owner of a new driver’s license, 2. Birthday cookie cake with chocolate chip lettering, 3. Chocolate mustache, 4. “On Joy” from Something Beautiful for God, 5. Put on a happy face 🙂, 6. My jumbo mug makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland, 7. Photogenic food #Publix4Pork, 8. Dinner in the works #publix4pork, 9. Braised Pork with Peppers and Onions #publix4pork

As most parents who’ve “been there” will tell you, once the initial fear of your teen driving wears off, it’s mighty handy to have an extra driver’s license in the family. Because of the spacing of our oldest kids, we’ve had kids that could drive leave for college without another teen driver to take up the slack. Twice.

On Friday our third son turned 17 and got his license—an eventful day! Unfortunately for him, our oldest son had a wreck the night before, so there isn’t a spare vehicle. We’ve done some interesting maneuvering with the ones we have this week!

What about you? Do you have a teen driver and does it make your life easier or more stressful?

What did your camera phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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