Did you know that today is National Delurking Day for blogs? Delurking means leaving a comment, especially if you never have. I know that work “lurker” makes it sound kind of shifty, but really, we all do it. I do. Today I’m going to make a point to leave a comment on every post I read. Join me?

Most of us blog because we’ve got something we want to share or document, either in words or images. We’re also looking for community. {Aren’t we all?}

Sometimes I’m looking for adult interaction. Sometimes I’ve got a photo that just begs to be posted. Sometimes I want to capture and record a memory. Sometimes I hear a sermon or read a verse and a truth is revealed that’s so beautiful it must be shared.

I’d love to know more the people who stop by: What do you hope to find here? What would you like to see or read? How could I serve you better? {Or are you a first time visitor? Please stop and make yourself at home!}

Please tell me something about you.

[If you love (in)courage, you can delurk there, too!]

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