I‘ve had a couple of technical difficulties lately that I wanted to share with you: first, I not only haven’t been getting email notifications for new comments, but also my comment responder plugin (which emails you a copy of my reply) quit working with the newest WordPress (blogging software) upgrade. I don’t have a fix yet for the comment notifications (I care when you comment!), but I’ve just installed a new plugin that’s supposed to email you if I reply to you (I’d really love to know if this one works . . .).

Second, FeedBurner (the service that sends new posts to you lovely email subscribers) doesn’t seem to like Camera Phone Friday and hasn’t emailed out those posts for the last three or four weeks. Here’s a link to all of the posts in that category. The latest CPF and this post should arrive together in the same email, so I’m interested to see what happens.

I pray you all had a Merry Christmas and the new year exceeds your wildest expectations. Thanks for being here!

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