Camera Phone Collage #42

1. Making friends #HelpPortrait, 2. Strike a pose #helpportrait, 3. Gathering around the (3 wk old) baby #helpportrait, 4. Oh, baby! #helpportrait, 5. Our first dog #helpportrait, 6. Christmas Festival (my daddy tunes the piano!), 7. Dressed for success: debate today at #ClassicalConversations, 8. Sangria & guacamole #girlsnightout, 9. Love my 2 youngest holding hands 🙂

This week my life degenerated into total chaos: Help-Portrait on Saturday; 15-year-old daughter’s birthday, church, ornament making, and Christmas concert on Sunday; last day of Classical Conversations and fall choir concert on Tuesday; church gals’ night out on Wednesday; 12-year-old daughter’s birthday and K-2 choir/ballet recital on Thursday. Now it’s the wee hours of Friday morning and we have a party at our house tonight, which of course means CRAZY HYSTERICAL COOKING AND CLEANING all day.

I’m suffering from a major case of White Collar withdrawal. My goal is to finish it over Christmas break.  Everyone needs lofty, unattainable goals, right?

What did your camera phone capture this week, and have you finished your Christmas shopping? (a resounding NO! from me)

Camera Phone Friday

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