Camera Phone Collage #35

1. ‘staches on our #incourage instagram feed @ #relevant11 How? 2. @dearabbyleigh & I #relevant11 #incourage 3. @Kristen_Strong @holleygerth my dinner buddies! #relevant11 #incourage 4. Mother/son time @ #relevant11 #incourage 5. Pizza with friends #relevant11 6. We’re here @Moes_HQ! #relevant11 7. Loaded rice bowl @Moes_HQ roadtrip #relevant11 8. Filling up & hitting the hwy. in our sweet ride thanks to @Kia & @DriveSTI #Relevant11 9. Not a promising hand… 10. Love that Moes_HQ funds diabetes research (the hubs is type 2) 11. Major kudos to #bbcatl & Melia Hotel: we have real sweet tea 12. Sony just gave away a Bloogie video camera at lunch! #bbcatl 13. Thankful for a @Starbucks with Wild Sweet Orange tea & chocolate croissants #BBCATL 14. Love this car decal next to me 15. Most interesting yogurt flavor. Ever. 16. Chicken Enchilada Soup @Chilis

It’s disappointing to successfully reach day 24 of a 31 day series and then miss an entire week. Thankfully my theme is 31 Days of Real Life and this is my opportunity to admit that I can’t do it all. Judging from the conversation last week at Relevant, I’m not the only one.

Unfortunately, most of us live our lives under the delusion that other women are doing it all, or at least better than we are. As a homeschooling mother of 8, you can imagine how often I get the comment “I don’t know how you do it.” My new answer is “not very well.”

Check out Simple Mom’s post on Imperfection to find out what things everyone else is admitting they can’t do.

[This collage contains one week’s worth of camera phone photos, a slice of a busy week including a 1400 mile round-trip to Harrisburg, PA, for Relevant (in a sweet, sponsored Kia—believe me, you’ll hear all about it). I’ll post the remainder of the Relevant shots and my usual linky on Friday.]

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