When Lionel Richie sang “Easy like Sunday morning,” he obviously wasn’t referring to a typical family getting ready for church. Not ours, at least. Misplaced clothing, lost shoes, sleepy-headed stragglers, flaring tempers: all this and more fight against us on any given Sunday.

This week our 10-year-old son got in the car in dress short in spite of being told multiple times to put on his new khakis; thanks to a misunderstanding, our 6-year-old daughter took off her tights and then we couldn’t find them. After arguing with the son and getting frustrated with the daughter, I slammed the car door in a mommy temper fit.

Sunday mornings have a way of bringing out the ugly in all of us.

Halfway to church I apologized for slamming the door. If I can’t admit my mistakes to my kids, how can I ever expect them to admit theirs to me? Besides, allowing your kids to falsely believe that you’re perfect impedes true communication.

No one wants to confess faults to someone who doesn’t appear to have any.

The devil doesn’t want getting to church to be easy. We’re doing the right thing, and doing the right thing is just plain hard sometimes; however, it’s important for our kids to see that in spite of the obstacles, we just keep plugging away until we get there, week after week. Even if two of the kids aren’t wearing shoes.

What’s your story? Is it “easy like Sunday morning” at your house or a weekly struggle?


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