Camera Phone Friday #33

1. Threatened withholding of Klondike Bars ensures completed assignments & finished lunches 🙂, 2. Thank you @jessicanturner for this from our dear @GitzenGirl!, 3. This is what happens when you eat the chocolate coating off an ice cream bar & then eat the ice cream with your face, 4. Ha! OldBooth Lite app (see original, my last instagram pic), 5. Windy day, 6. Look at what I found! #chocolateweek #MMsGetCorny, 7. Signs of fall, 8. Coloring pages @DisneyonIce, 9. Disney on Ice, 10. Young Prince Charming & self-proclaimed “awesome” #doiatl, 11. The lengths some people will go to to grow a mustache… #doiatl, 12. Disney on Ice Dare to Dream (Tiana) #doiatl

AApple users: did you get caught up in the excitement of iCloud and updating the operating systems on your devices this week? My name is taken on Twitter (unused account – blech!), gmail, etc., so I just knew I was going to snag it for an email address. Nope. Not available there, either.

I wish there had been a warning that said, “By the way, you can expect it to take all day to update your devices, and don’t even think about setting up iCloud until all devices have the new operating system.”  iTunes needed to update first, and then I updated an iPad. It wouldn’t finish the whole iCloud thing and just stalled: I couldn’t bypass that part.

Next I updated the operating system on my phone, but didn’t realize how incredibly long it would take. We had music classes and I had to suspend the transfer of stuff back to the phone before it was finished (not smart, but I needed the phone and it said it would continue the next time I synced).

The phone finished restoring at home, and once I set up iCloud through it, the iPad worked, too! Next I updated the kids’ iPad. Something went wrong and it had to be restored to new settings, which really didn’t bother me much since they’d installed so much junk on it. Unfortunately, now it won’t sync apps with our computer, so there isn’t much of anything on it.

I bought a wireless keyboard and the Pages (word processing) app this week so that we could type papers on the iPad. There’s always a line at the kids’ computer and I thought this would help (and it will, once we iron out the kinks). Based on my Google searching, I deleted their old backup file, but that still didn’t work. Suggestions?

Did you update an iPhone or iPad operating system this week and was there any drama involved?

Camera Phone Friday

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