Tonight at the pre-conference party for Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta, I enjoyed hanging out talking with Meghan and Bernice. Meghan is a relatively new Atlanta blogging acquaintance—so sweet—and Bernice is an old friend from pre-blogging days.

Another lady, alone, walked up and introduced herself and we immediately included her in our conversation. A few minutes later she thanked us, saying that “seasoned” bloggers often weren’t so friendly.

I’ve blogged since 2006, making me a dinosaur in blog years and possibly well “seasoned,” depending on the use of the term. What it doesn’t do is give me the right or reason to snub someone who’s new to the game.

Yes, you are more than your stats, but no matter how impressive those stats may be, we’re all just people (and if you’re a blogger, you know that none of it means much to most that you know or meet anyway).

Real life exists beyond the blog and how you behave in it matters.


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