Camera Phone Collage #27

1. My pirate family , 2. Arrrrrgh! 3. Mickey cookies 4. Aye, aye matey!
5. Fun! 6. Face painting 7. Pirate princess 8. Painting my girls’ room Buttered Sweet Corn
9. Clipping proofs of purchase for my free “grown-up sizes only” retro tee from the Cap’n
10. Today is the day I must open this box that’s sat here for 2 weeks 11. Last of the pancakes 12. Lunch with my girl @Sonic 13. New photos today from our sponsored child @compassion 14. Music to paint by 15. The painter will now take an @cherrygarcia break 16. Music to paint by, part 2

The Disney Summer Social Atlanta event and painting my girls’ room—the paint itself, music I’m listening to while painting, painting snack breaks—make up the primary focus of my camera phone collage this week.

I’ll have pictures of the completed project soon. I edged Saturday, finished the first coat today, and I’m going to add a quick second one tomorrow or Saturday.


Photogram is a FREE app that enables you to create cool themed layouts of multiple camera phone images and share them via email. I really love the interface, the ability to create recipient groups, and the ease of pulling email addresses straight from my contacts.

Here is the Photogram that I sent to family members after the Disney Summer Social we attended on Saturday. (Photograms are sent via email, but you can view them online, too.)

What did your camera phone shoot this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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