Do you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association? Do they ever make you want to scream or beat your head against the wall due to their strange/obnoxious/seemingly random/all-of-the-above requests?

Our homeowners’ association has apparently decided that we should REPAINT OUR HOUSE. The first letter had some vague legal-speak about the necessity of getting our paint color approved by the HOA before repainting, and a form was enclosed for submitting colors.

Foolishly, I asked my husband if they thought we were in the middle of repainting and failed to get color approval. “No,” he answered, in a slow and somewhat confused manner, “I think they’re telling us we need to repaint it.” 

It may have taken us five minutes to pick our jaws up off the floor, and then we laughed. They wanted us to submit our request for paint approval within fifteen days but “at least sixty days before the projected project start.”

Now it’s not so funny. We received a second letter yesterday.

And it costs how much to paint the exterior of your house? 

We purchased this home brand new from the builder six years ago and I think it still looks pretty good. We don’t want to repaint our house. Shouldn’t it be our decision? I repainted the front door a couple of years ago (and didn’t know that my color choice should have been approved).

What’s the most outrageous letter you’ve ever received from your homeowners’ association?

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