Camera Phone Friday Week #25

1. Tweegram = cute free app! 2. Foil art: a chip boat @Moes_HQ
3. They put my daughter’s foil chip on display @Moes_HQ. Love!
4. New short do for my daughter (& I cut it)
5. Real malts. I could be in heaven @redrobinburgers 6. Kid pizza @chilis

Our household is in crazy mode with the start of our Classical Conversations Challenge program next week. I’ll have students in Challenge I and III and I tutor Challenge II. (There’s a lot of lingo here for those of you not familiar with the Classical Conversations—or CC—program for homeschoolers. Challenge classes are middle and high school level and meet one day per week for 6 one-hour classes.)

My mother-in-law is here with us from Kansas City this week, as well as our niece, her husband, and baby. It just hit me at supper Wednesday night that I am a great aunt. (Writing “at supper Wednesday night” also made me realize that I was about to publish this post on Thursday instead of Friday. Dazed and confused much? Wow, I’m going to bed and coming back to this tomorrow!)

I’m back! (Yes, it is now Thursday evening instead of Wednesday.)

I found out this afternoon that I’m a finalist in the “Shutter Happy” category of the Homeschool Social Media Awards. Here is the category description: “Point-and-shoot. DSLR. Camera-phone. This person is willing to capture anything on camera and share it with the world, even your most embarrassing moments.” (Promise, I won’t share your most embarrassing moments, though.)

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There are some great homeschool blogs featured—check it out!

Everything you ever wanted to know about making camera phone mosaics but were too afraid to ask can be found here. Cool project for camera phone toting DIY-types can be found here.

Camera Phone Friday

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Link up your camera phone photos here. Flickr links are fine, too. Really, we want to see what you’ve been doing this week!

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