Justin: You used to be so…audacious, bold. People would stop in the street and watch you walk…You think you’ve lost it, but I can still see it. [Justin to Birdee in one of my favorite movies, Hope Floats]


1. boldness or daring, especially with confident or arrogant disregard for personal safety, conventional thought, or other restrictions.

While I don’t recommend the arrogance or the “disregard for personal safety” part, sometimes breaking free of conventionality can be fun and liberating, like tonight when our Moe’s crew staged a flashmob in the middle of a restaurant bustling with activity thanks to the promise of both free kids meals and free queso.

Believe me, I’ll link you to it when the finished video is up for viewing at ilovequeso.com (save your votes for us, pretty please).

When was the last time you did something audacious?

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