5 Minute FridayI’ve wanted to link up with Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday, but it overlaps with Camera Phone Friday here. The idea is to set a 5 minute timer and write on topic until it stops. So … here’s Five Minute Friday … on Saturday! This week’s theme is Home.

Here goes:

Little girls crawling into bed with me in the morning, snuggly and giggling.

Bookcases everywhere. Photo memories slowly making their way off of my computer and onto our walls.

Baseball games with the neighbor kids in our side yard, grass rubbed down to bare dirt at the bases. (glad they want to be here)

Holding hands with my husband, smiling into his eyes, as multiple conversations vie for our attention at the dinner table.

Movie nights on the couch with a bowl of popcorn.

Laughter. Noise. Fluidity. Safe haven.

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