Prayer Before the Game

I’ve been talking a lot about camera photography—camera phonography—lately, but you may have noticed an absence of any other photos. I’m highly dependent on Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom to Flickr plugin—more than dependent, flat out spoiled. My plugin quit working unexpectedly in April, so…no new camera photos to Flickr, which means none here, either.

I’ve been extra thankful for my camera phone and editing apps.

Well, I finally got so desperate that I wrote Jeffrey Friedl and explained the error I was getting and begged for help (I skipped the part about how the quality of my life had diminished without his plugin). He wrote me back the next day and asked me to try to log out and back in to flickr through the plugin and see if that would fix it. Although I had to uninstall and reinstall it first, that did the trick!

Jeffrey Friedl is my new hero. If you use Lightroom, get his Lightroom to Flickr and Lightroom to Facebook plugins and he’ll be yours, too.

Here are a few photos I’d like to share, now that I can:


Easter Sunday with six of our kids, my daddy and stepmom, and my aunt

Spinning Little Fairy

My youngest, a natural crowd pleaser (is this a characteristic of all last-born?)

Silly Girl

It’s a shame she’s so inhibited



Spring Choir Concert

Here’s a video from the choir concert of Mozart Mania. My daughter rocks baby Mozart in her arms, and my son is Mozart catching the flu and dying.

What has your camera been snapping lately?

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