I have read and thought a lot about art lately: the need, the drive, the desire we have for creative expression. Emily says, “I am an artist, and I make art with my words, my pictures, my ladle, and my dishrag.”

Yes, we can make, see, and live art in the everyday.

I see it in my friends, my family, this creating of art: Becky makes it in her kitchen; Christian with the swing of a bat; Hayden with poetry; Amber with prose; Ann with a word of encouragement when she shares struggles and imperfection (and never doubt that encouragement is an art form); Lisa with hospitality; Nancy in an event well-run. My husband loves like it’s art.

“How can you ever run next to perfect, look her in the eye, and pass her by? We can’t but we try, and in our rush to get there we drop all the things we hold dear in order to lighten the load. Art is the first to go.” ~Emily Freeman, Chatting at the Sky

Life overwhelms and yes, the art is the first to go. I see it in others, but I’m tired and stressed and just so very behind and it’s easy to lose the sight and touch of it in my own life.

Memories of childhood necklacesMy camera phone is helping me capture the day-to-day that otherwise might slip by unrecorded.

For the past 10 weeks I’ve posted camera phone collages from my Instagram images. This week I’ll be talking about camera phonography, editing on a phone, etc. and on Friday I’ll post a linky if you’d like to link to phone images of your own. Don’t worry about making a collage (although I’ll show you how) or a blog post: a link to a photo is fine.

So what do you think? Can you create art on a camera phone?

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