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Going Green

“Going Green” is a trendy thing to say or be these days, but what does it really mean in a practical, every day sort of way?

The Atlanta area spent two years in a serious drought. Lake Lanier was so low that I couldn’t imagine how it would ever get back to normal. Although it rained so much last spring and summer that we’re in good shape again, we adopted water- and money-saving habits during that period of time that just make sense to continue.

  • Only run full loads of clothes and dishes.
  • Don’t keep the hot water heater at it’s hottest setting: not only does it use more energy, but some teens will stay in the shower longer—using more water and energy—as long as it stays hot.
  • Collect “old” water from the tea kettle or cups left on the counter to water plants.
  • Using the same cup all day equals less dishes to wash.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Reuse bath towels.

We own a High Efficiency steam washing machine, which uses a fraction of the amount of water of a traditional unit. I almost never run it with warm or hot water. For dark loads, I use cold; for whites I add steam: cold water is heated in the top of the machine and steam is added to the wash cycle. The clothes get cleaner while saving water and energy.

During the drought, I alternated every other day between showering and sponge baths. This wasn’t easy for me, but seeing the lake so low made me want to do something, now matter how small. Now I shower daily, but wash my hair every other day. Just spending that much less time in the shower saves water and energy.

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What have you done to go green?

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