I have a special request from Thomas Nelson publishing for reader questions from you for a radio interview with Sheila Walsh about her upcoming book, The Shelter of God’s Promises, available February 1. The interview is next week, January 19, and I need to submit your questions by the 15th, this Saturday.

If you leave your name, I’ll do my best to mention it on the air if your question is used. Unless I get nervous and freak out and forget, which is always possible.

Sheila’s book focuses on something that’s been on my mind since listening to a sermon I heard this weekend: God’s promises. God makes some pretty amazing promises to us in His word. He is faithful and constant in nature; we should embrace these promises.

Here’s a quote from The Shelter of God’s Promises:

Why would God want to keep us and His promises to us when we mess up so badly?

The Bible reminds us of a truth we too often forget, a truth that shines as clear as daylight: because God cannot help Himself. The force of His righteousness and mercy, which were from everlasting and formed the covenant with us, are the unchanging foundation upon which His promises are built. God does not change, nor do the glories of His person and the salvation He engineered for us. God’s promises are as dependable as He is. Because they are Him.

Read a sample of the book here.

Check out this preview video from Sheila. Her Scottish accent is so charming.

What question would you like to ask Sheila?

{Disclosure: Book link is affiliate link.}

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