Last year we discovered the Christmas album The Dawn of Grace by Sixpence None the Richer. It instantly became one of our all-time favorites. It just makes me happy.

I found this quirky video for it on YouTube. Their are two verses with additional lyrics woven within the original, and someone nicely posted the additional words below the video. I’ve printed them here, also.


I can see you in the snow
I can tell that you’ve been crying
There’s nothing in these lights that glow
That tells you that this world’s not dying
But underneath these blankets white
Glows a warmer kind of light
You won’t have to sing alone

I can see you in the snow
Crystal tears have started drying
There’s something in these lights that glow
A Savior in a manger lying
Up above these blankets white
Are angels filling up the sky
A star is burning in the night

Isn’t it beautiful?

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