We spent a long Thursday at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, gazing, analyzing, awed. For Wednesday, my hope is to awaken tired children and tired me and attend our county’s Veterans’ Day celebration with a small batch of handwritten thank yous in hand.

Although one or more of the kids have participated in the program the last few years—which of course meant we had to attend—this year I’m motivated by the need to honor those who’ve served our country, and the fact that my camera yearns to shoot this event like few others.

Veterans’ Day 2008

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From November 7-21, 2010, in honor of Veteran’s Day, Strength for Service is pleased to offer a free download of the Kindle edition of the popular devotional.

While Strength for Service is geared toward the military and those in the service of others, many family members and friends find much comfort in the book’s inspirational words. Anyone can download this free version.

You do not need a Kindle to download this electronic copy – the version will also work with the free Kindle for Mac/PC and Kindle mobile versions.

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