My husband and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next month. At the beginning of the year, we decided that I would start a fund from blog and photography-related income to fund some kind of something special for this time. Unfortunately, a family our size is a black hole for extra funds: they get swallowed by new shoes, bills, groceries, book and class expenses, birthdays. The list goes on and on.

I currently have $61 left in my little PayPal fund and less than half will remain after our monthly Compassion International sponsorship payment is deducted. That doesn’t even cover dinner and a movie.

Complaining—out loud or in my head—is like saying, “Lord, I’m not happy with what you’ve given us,” which certainly isn’t the case. I’ve got a happy home, a devoted husband, and eight wonderful kids to prove it.

All along I’ve believed that either an opportunity would present itself or it wouldn’t. Many 25th anniversary stories seem to include cruises, elaborate parties, or faraway destinations. That dinner and a movie with my man—mine—is just fine. Truly.

Well, this man of mine spilled some beans last night, spilled them of necessity because my cooperation (mostly in accommodating our kids) is needed to make his plans succeed.

Apparently he applied two days’ worth of determination and ingenuity to a situation at work, saving his company a decent outlay of cash for something he managed to accomplish at no expense to them. Later, the discussion of our anniversary arose. When asked what we were doing, he explained that we really had no plans due to pay-cuts and expenses in general.

While I really don’t know where the conversation went from there, I do know that there seems to be a 4 day/3 night getaway, destination unknown, in our future now. Surprises are my favorite; I’ll just be happy to know how to pack. 🙂

We’ve got to determine who can watch our kids now, but I’m trusting that if God has worked out this much of a plan, He’ll help us with the rest.

Yes, God is in the details, even these yet to be revealed. More to come!

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