Easy Layered Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

The first time I ate this dessert, I had no idea it was made from ice cream sandwiches; I thought it was something amazing and complex in its multi-layered glory. I’m going to walk you through preparing this delicious and extremely simple dish, guaranteed to win friends and influence people. It respects your precious time: I put it together in only 13 minutes, including the photographs along the way.

Here’s the cast of characters, only three ingredients:

Redi Whip, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Hershey's Syrup

[You will not need 42 ice cream sandwiches. I buy in bulk.]

This is actually the first time I’ve used Reddi Whip; I usually use Cool Whip. Either is fine. If we’re out of Hershey’s syrup, I make a homemade chocolate sauce. Here’s an easy recipe.

Anything that says “Made with Real Cream” is welcome in my kitchen.

Redi Whip

The first thing you want to do is determine how many sandwiches you’ll need and the layout for your dish. Arrange them, wrapped. You’ll need two layers. The one sticking out on the side will be broken in half and stacked to fit the small spot in the corner.


It doesn’t matter if the sandwiches don’t touch the edges of the dish. These are BJ’s brand and they’re kind of skinny. I needed 19 of them for a 9″x13″ dish.

Unwrap and place the first layer of sandwiches in your dish, and then cover with Reddi Whip, Cool Whip, or whipped cream.


Drizzle Hershey syrup or other chocolate sauce on top.


Repeat the layers of ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.


Feel free to drizzle some down the sides. It will look fancier and disguise the fact that you made this impressive dessert with three ingredients in less than 15 minutes.


Did you count the layers? TEN!

Each ice cream sandwich has three layers, plus two each of whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

When you’re finished, just cover and store in the freezer until ready to eat. Don’t mess up the chocolate sauce on top; stick toothpicks in the top to hold up foil or plastic wrap if you don’t have a cover for your dish.


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