After months of suspense, Tuesday morning Adobe announced that Lightroom 3 is available! The retail price is $299; however, if you homeschool, go to this page and scroll down to where it says Home Schooling to find out how to prove your eligibility for an education discount. With the discount, it’s only $89!!! (I have a Lightroom ad link at the top of my blog)

If you want to get up to speed in a hurry with Lightroom 3, go visit NAPP’s public Lightroom 3 Learning Center.

I’ve been working with Adobe’s PR company since March of last year. On Tuesday I had an email from my contact there telling me that I had a profile live on Adobe’s Customer Showcase (link updated in 2012 to this page, just click over to page 2 under Customer Successes). It’s a surreal feeling to see my name, photos, and a link to my blog on Adobe’s website. If Adobe thinks I’m a success story, I can do anything, right? 😉

My weekend has been devoted to Zack Arias’s Creative Live class on studio photography. He is an amazing instructor (and human being, for that matter) and has increased my comfort level with studio photography in a mighty way so far. If you watch the course live this weekend, it’s free! It will run again on Sunday from 1-9 EST.

One of the main things I’ve learned today is that I could rule the world with a Westcott 7′ Octabank softbox. 🙂

{Disclosure: Adobe and Westcott product links are affiliate links.}

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