Arriving at the first game, this Nestle ice cream guy was there to greet me. All I think now is, “Why didn’t I go back and get some?”


Look at the hand/eye coordination! You can totally tell he’s going to hit this, right?


Yes, my 15-year-old son really did lick his little sister’s face. In front of his girlfriend. (And, no, he wasn’t raised by wolves.)


This is what “I just threw out a runner at home plate from center field” looks like:


Sadly, they didn’t win. They did get to whoop and holler and eat snacks after the game, though.


Game #2. Ready to kick butt and take names:


Saweeeet hit!


Hopefully he won’t be scarred by this Silly Bandz abuse at the hands of his sister:


Speaking of Silly Bandz, he gave me one identical to one of his on Sunday morning, and told me we now had “best friend charms” (he later called it my “best mom charm”). My 10-year-old daughter gave me a “best friend charm,” too, so I am now the owner of two Silly Bandz. 🙂

Yes, my husband is one of those cool baseball coach dads.


Hamming it up after the game:


What did you do on Saturday?

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