These photos are from Photoshop World Orlando last week.

Here I am with my buddies Alan Hess of Shot Live Photo and Lew Bedell from Artistic Photo Canvas. I consider Alan my personal mentor; he puts up with an endless stream of questions from me, which he probably never anticipated when influencing me to buy the same camera as he has. I carry his concert shooting setting tips on my phone now to spare him the Twitter DMs. He really is a rock star photographer.

Lew helped sponsor me for Photoshop World by letting me evangelize about his awesome company at their booth on Thursday afternoon. What a great bunch to hang out with!


Alan gave away this canvas from APC, signed by Scott Kelby, of a shot from Photoshop World 2009 in Las Vegas. It was from his pre-conference workshop on concert photography. I didn’t win. 🙁


Alan surprised everyone by also giving away the canvas that you see above my buddy A.J.‘s head. It’s of Billy Idol (I told you Alan was a rock star photographer). An older man won it; I suspect he didn’t even know Billy Idol. If I’d won this one, my husband would have probably hung it in the living room. After all, we are children of the 80s.


Here’s the same cast of characters, still hanging out with APC:




Here’s Terry White doing a lighting class on the expo hall floor at the Manfrotto booth. I think we have the same camera, too. I seriously want to borrow some lenses from these guys. 🙂




A.J. attempting to roll an Oreo down his face and into his mouth, part of Vanelli’s crowd-pleasing pre-Midnight Madness antics:


Na na na na na na na na… it’s Batman Vanelli himself!


Matt Kloskowski teaching a Lightroom class:



Here is Scott Kelby receiving an award from Peachpit Press for being the #1 computer/technology writer in the world for the 20th straight year (actually it’s six). Scott about lost it when Peachpit said that instead of choosing a congratulatory gift for him, they would buy him his next lens. It was kind of cool to see that someone that you might assume would have everything actually has a wish list. 🙂


For more Photoshop World action, check out the PSW Flickr stream!

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This post brought to you by my Photoshop World sponsors, Red River Paper and Artistic Photo Canvas.

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