As a woman who has birthed 8 children and added a few extra pounds this winter, I couldn’t be more excited about my BlissDom sponsor: Spanx.

Spanx makes intelligently designed slimming intimates, body shapers, hosiery, and tights that support you in comfort. They’re made by women for women. At BlissDom, they’re saving the day for me.

From my blog, I can hide behind my monitor and edit the heck out of every picture you see of me (and don’t for a minute believe that I don’t). BlissDom is face-to-face, and even Lightroom doesn’t make a brush for that. We all want to look our best in person, right?

I found a shimmery, sparkly shirt that I thought would be divine for one of those BlissDom cocktail parties, paired with some winter white pants already hanging in my closet. I was so excited!

When trying them on together at home, however, I was the dictionary definition of “muffin top.” 🙁

I planned to return the beautiful blouse. No way was I going looking like that.

And then the box from Spanx arrived. {deep sigh}

See that black cami in the picture? You know what it does? It attacks muffin tops. Shiny, sparkly shirt is now packed for the trip, not going back to the store.

My original plan was to keep my new Spanx in the packages, ready for BlissDom, but they are much too tempting for that. Friday night I attended an event where I wore the reversible black/bittersweet brown Tight-End Tights. Not only did they keep me warm, they made me feel slim enough to tuck in my shirt, something I almost never do. Sunday I wore the midnight blue High Waisted Tight-End Tights, which are, in a word, a revelation. I want them in every color.

The best part is that these garments are comfortable. If you’ve tried control-top hose, girdles, or other contraptions that we women sometimes force ourselves to wear, you may find that hard to believe. Believe it. The waistbands don’t roll, and the fabrics hug, not squeeze you.

Thank you, Spanx, for “supporting me” at BlissDom!

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