Two dear friends. my husband, and I had the pleasure of hearing The Greencards live last night on the second of a two-evening stop at the historic Crimson Moon Cafe in Dahlonega, GA. My husband calls me a Greencards groupie. I own all four of their CDs and was a member of their “street team,” promoting the show.

You can imagine my surprise when the hostess came to our table and said that Carol, the lead singer, requested to meet me. She thanked me for my help, gave me a Greencards t-shirt, and noted that the days of publicizing through flyers were over and that social media was now key.

I was able to directly or indirectly broadcast the information to as many as 16,000 people, so obviously she’s right. That would be a serious amount of flyers.

The concert was as good as expected. I moved in close for some shots with my 50mm lens and my husband got some pictures of me afterward with the band.




Carol has a pure, angelic voice. She’s originally from Australia.

Kym is another Aussie. I love watching him play; he enjoys the music so much.

Jake is a local boy and only 19 years old. He was 17 the first time we saw him play the guitar. Musical genius.

I call The Greencards hip bluegrass. They received Grammy nominations in both 2008 and 2009 for “Best Country Instrumental Performance.” If you get the chance to see them, don’t miss it!

{Disclosure: Concert ticket and t-shirt were provided for my participation on The Greencards Street Team.}

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