I used to carry all lenses, external flash, light meter, extra battery, memory cards, manuals, etc. in my Lowepro backpack everywhere I took my camera. Granted, everything I could possibly need was with me at all times, but eventually I started leaving my camera behind more often, not wanting to haul that backpack everywhere.

Next I purchased my little bowler bag, great when just the camera itself is all that’s needed. What I didn’t have was a comfortable, walk-around solution for carrying extra lenses and equipment without the bulk or hassle of the backpack.

Enter the Shootsac.

I’ll explain how I use it, but first I want to share this video:

You carry your lenses and other accessories in your Shootsac, not your camera. It is not designed to replace your camera bag. You wear the Shootsac while you shoot. It is made of wetsuit-grade neoprene—perfect for protecting your equipment without adding bulk—and conforms to the shape of your body.

I have a lot of trouble with my neck and my left shoulder; however, I can wear the Shootsac comfortably by pulling the strap over my head and placing it on my left shoulder with the bag on my right hip.

My buddy Sprittibee took this shot of me at the Type-A Mom photowalk, so you can see what I mean.


In the picture, the bag is behind me while I’m kneeling. When standing, I lay it against my right side and wrap it around me. My largest lens, a 70-300mm, fits in the space behind the small of my back.

The Shootsac was my multi-purpose photography/fashion accessory at both the Type-A Mom and Photoshop World conferences. It carried my lenses, SB600, flash meter, family photobook, business cards, iPhone—whatever was needed for the situation. I have worn it to two photowalks and while shooting my kids’ homeschool co-op cotillion, times when I needed to be mobile and carry easily-accessible extras with me.

The Shootsac comes with a black cover, which I use when I want to look a little more serious, but usually I attach the green and white polka dotted Sprightly cover, which is my favorite color and totally me. The outside is a cotten/linen blend, and here’s the kicker: the inside is a super soft ultrasuede, lint-free, microfiber—perfect as an on-the-go lens cloth.

The covers attach with Velcro and can be easily exchanged. I love how each cover has its own individual page on the site and photo of it in action. Shootsac covers can also be used interchangeably with a new product, the Hip Slip, a Shootsac-style case for your laptop and an item very high on my personal wish list.

The Shootsac is perfect for anyone who owns an SLR with more than one lens and likes to take their photography on the go. This is a great time to buy because Shootsacs, Hip Slips, and covers are currently on sale!

[Product provided for review.]

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