10 Ways to Relax Your Next Portrait Subject by Scott Bourne
“One of the reasons I am a photographer is that I thought it would help insulate me from having to be in the picture. I am not alone. Lots of people don’t like to have their picture taken.”

Scott is a talented photographer and just an all-around nice guy that I had the pleasure of meeting at Photoshop World. I totally get what he is saying here, and I love this great set of tips.

Just? by David duChemin
“Just an amateur? Amateur comes from the same word from which we get words like Amorous; it means to love. You merely do photography for the love of it? I can’t think of anything more noble to say of your motives for doing this.”

I met David duChemin at Photoshop World, too. This article of his makes me very, very happy, and I’m betting it will do the same for you.

Speaking of David duChemin, he has a new ebook available for the amazingly affordable price of $5: Chasing the Look. “CHASING THE LOOK is about making intentional choices about the use of our gear and the settings on our cameras based on their affect on the aesthetic of the image.” Sounds wonderful, huh? I can’t wait to read it.

Letter to a Young Photographer by Joe McNally
“The usual mix of questions are ever present: Who do I work for? Can I make a living? Will I ever be any good at this? Will my pictures have impact?”

Yep, I met Joe at Photoshop World, too. Actually, I sort of made a fool of myself, which fortunately I managed not to do when meeting Scott Bourne and David duChemin. This post is an interesting read for those interested in pursuing their dream of making a career of photography.

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