One of the best things about this Christmas season has been the extra time hanging out with our friends. One of my biggest resolutions for this year is to not let these times be too few or far between; I really crave that time with friends. What a blessing that our very best friends are also our church brothers and sisters!

There are some really interesting pictures before we got one of the kids to take these shots. I only had my camera and not the camera bag, so no remote. Trying to push the button (the timer is set for 2 seconds) and run jump into the pictures left me as just a blur in the corner of most.

Christmas Party2

The girls!

Christmas Party
New Year’s Eve was so fun! We actually spent the night with friends, staying up late eating, playing games, laughing, and taking lots of funny pictures.

New Year's Eve

On a side note, what do you think of my curls? I snagged this curling iron off of Amazon for $25, the same one that a mall vendor tried to sell for $120 (cheapest he would go was $86, and that was only if three people bought one). The unfortunately thing is that now I’m finding my regular hair totally boring. It’s true that people with straight hair want curly, and vice versa, isn’t it?

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