I’m excited to announce that I’m going to have a photography and Lightroom column premiering in the January 8 issue of Heart of the Matter’s online magazine! [The article is now live! Fun with Photography Featuring Lightroom 2]

If you’re not familiar with Lightroom, it is a professional-level photography program from Adobe. Lightroom can simplify and enhance your digital photography workflow by helping you import, organize/keyword, and edit your photos.

I hope to showcase more Photoshop and Lightroom information on the site in the year ahead. I’d also like to participate in Project 365, starting next week. I’m not sure if I will post daily or do a weekly wrap-up; the important thing will be making photography a daily habit, growing as a photographer, and the challenges of finding new and interesting content and learning to tell a story in photos.

If you’d like to join me as a Lightroom user, find out if you qualify for the educational discount pricing:

Academic Discounts on Adobe Software

You may qualify for an academic discount on Adobe software if you are a homeschooler, a higher education student, or have a student in grades K-12. See discount information on Adobe’s site or at Academic Superstore.

First you need to email Adobe to get pre-qualified. [A word of advice: do this right the first time. I emailed Adobe without documenting that we homeschool, and I’m still waiting for their response. Three weeks later I sent another request, which included a scanned copy of my HSLDA membership card, and I received my approval one minute and twenty-seven seconds later.]

Send an email to adobeauthorizations@adobe.com and include the following:

Name of Teacher & Student(s)

Grade level(s) and expected graduation date(s)

Address, phone & email

Any other relevant information that documents home school status (Letter of intent to home school addressed to local school district for current school year; Home School Legal Defense Association membership card; Home School Charter School membership card; or book/curriculum receipt for the current year)

Don’t lose that authorization email, because you’re going to need to forward it to verify your eligibility after you place your order. I purchased my copy of Lightroom from Academic Superstore (www.academicsuperstore.com) for $98.95 plus $1.99 shipping.

Enjoy Lightroom 2 today!

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for your software to arrive in the mail. Go to Adobe’s website and download a fully functional 30-day trial version. When your purchased software arrives in the mail, enter the serial number when you open Lightroom on your computer (whenever you open the trial version, you will be asked if you want to continue using the trial or enter a serial number to activate it) and you won’t even have to install from the disk; Lightroom 2 will already be installed from the online download.

I would love to know if you’ve found this information helpful and if you are a current or soon-to-be Lightroom user. If there are any aspects of Photoshop or Lightroom that you would like to see featured here, leave it in comments. If you’d like to join me in Project 365 this year (or if you’re currently in the middle of your 365 days), share that, too!

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