It’s time for week 2 of the iHeartFaces photo contest! I’m really psyched that I got in on this from the beginning. Submissions are accepted each week from Monday through Wednesday, and winners are announced on Saturday. In just the second week, this contest shows evidence of being hugely popular.

This week’s guest judge is Susan Keller from Susan Keller Photography.

The following photo has a lot of significance for me. I posted it on my photoblog this summer, entitled it “Breaking the Rules,” and gave the following description: “Scott Kelby says it’s okay to break the rules, but only after you’ve learned them. I know that the following photo is really blown out (the highlight warning was flashing all over the place), but I kind of like it that way.”

Later that evening the first comment was left by none other than Scott Kelby himself, surely the most mindbogglingly amazing comment I’ve ever received. Not only did he comment, he was kind and complimentary; quite an encouragement to an amateur photographer. Ultimately, this photo and that comment lead to my attending Photoshop World last September. (Here’s the scoop.)


DPS portrait contest

[Can you tell that this is the same photo I used for my Planet Photoshop contest entry?]

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