The only photos I took today were from our first day of co-op. To be perfectly honest, they weren’t terribly exciting, but I don’t want to bail on Project 365 after a mere 8 days!

I decided to have a little fun editing, though. While the kids were in music classes this afternoon, I read the December issue of Photoshop User (by the way, if you join NAPP using my referral links, they’ll send you The Best of Photoshop User: The Tenth Year DVD as a bonus gift) at the library. One of the Lightroom tips involved using the adjustment brush to paint on “desaturation” – basically, painting saturation with the slider as far as it will go to the left (-100).

I desaturated everything in the photo except my son and his school work, and then applied Matt Kloskowski’s Nostalgic Effect pre-set and applied some vignetting.

1st Day of Co-op

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