Did you know that you can now get The Old Schoolhouse Magazine in a digital edition?  TOS is my only homeschool magazine subscription.  Time is a precious commodity, and I get the most useful information for my time by reading TOS.

That being said, I am also prone to misplacing my copies.  A TOS digital subscription eliminates that possibility since the issues are as close as the nearest computer.  Instead of downloading a bulky PDF file each month, you flip through a real online magazine.  The option to download is available, however, and includes options for both Mac and PC.

I was quite impressed with the user interface.  For instance, I knew that my friend Jacque Dixon was featured in the Summer edition.  I clicked on the “Search” tab at the top of the screen, typed in “Jacque Dixon,” and was shown each page where her name appeared, taking me straight to the article.

I love the “Pages” view, which displays thumbnails of each two-page spread in the magazine.  Here’s a screen shot:

pages view

More useful features include clickable hyperlinks; the ability to print or email articles to share with up to five of your friends; and instant delivery in the same beautiful, high-quality format you’ve come to expect from TOS.

The price is the icing on the cake: at $16.95, a digital subscription is 32% less than the US print subscription price, 43% less than Canadian print subscription prices, and 65% less than international print prices.  If finances have kept you from subscribing in the past, the digital subscription option may be for you.

For more information and to purchase an digital subscription, visit The Schoolhouse Store.

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